Information About our Daily Tiffin Meal Combos

Besides taste, food provides calories and nutrients. In today's "fast food" world, junk calories are no scarce. The goal of our Daily Tiffin Meals is to provide you nutrient rich food, which is fresh and tasty. Most of the meals include two Chapatis (also called phulka rotis)


ItemDescriptionMain Food Values
ChapatiAlso called "phulka rotis". Whole wheat flour, hand rolled and hand roasted on open gas stove. Contains minimal or no added oil.This is a main ingredient of many Indian meals. Goes well with Curries and Sabjis. Provides iron and fiber.


Item NameDescriptionMain Food Values

Simla Mirch Sabji

Simla Mirch, Jeera, SpicesProvided Vitamin C and Fiber.

Black Eyed Peas

Cucumber RaitaCucumber mixed with Fried Jeera, Mint Leaves and Yogurt.Jeera and Mint leaves helps with Digestion. Cucumber and Yogurt provides soothing / cooling effect.
ItemDescriptionMain Food Values
KheemaChicken Kheema, with curryTaste, ofcourse ! And lots of proteins.
PulavWhite rice, steamed with veggies and a slight hint of cinamon.Fiber and calories. 
Breadfrench bread.Bread simply goes with some items. Kheema is one of them.